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MOR Industries is part of Plastopil Group, a leading & global manufacturer and supplier of flexible packaging solutions & products

Committed to

We are Committed to Sustainability

With our zero-waste approach, we ensure 100% recycling of waste, minimizing our environmental footprint. We incorporate up to 30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material in our products, actively promoting a closed-loop system. Our solventless lamination technology reduces environmental impact and our natural gas-powered generation helps us maintain clean energy production, for further enhancing our sustainability efforts

Keeping up with

Forefront of Technology

Investments made throughout the years have enabled MOR Industries to be  at the forefront of technology in all areas of its activities. Manufacturing, production & control machinery are purchased exclusively from leading manufacturers and are  maintained at the highest level. A professional, skilled and highly experienced technological team covers the entire spectrum and areas of the production and manufacturing processes 24/7.

Plastopil Group
Commitment to packaging excellence

Plastopil Group is dedicated to driving innovation in food and industrial packaging. Within these sectors, the group boasts a diverse array of product families, each comprising hundreds of unique items. As part of a dynamic growth strategy, the company actively pursues mergers and acquisitions, broadening its product portfolio and facilitating its global reach. Plastopil Group operates a network of production facilities and processing and distribution sites spanning Israel, Europe, and the USA, solidifying its position as a key player in the flexible plastic packaging industry.

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