Plastopil Group, MOR Indusrties and Landa Unveil Cutting-Edge Landa W11 Nanographic Printing® Press Capabilities with Mono-Material Flexible Packaging Solutions

Landa and Plastopil group collaboration present printed slit and jumbo rolls at Drupa 2024, W11 zone, Landa booth

As the packaging industry converges at Drupa 2024, a true game-changer awaits in the Landa Digital Printing booth – the anticipated W11 Nanographic printing® capabilities demonstration. This soon-to-be-launched digital printing solution is poised to elevate flexible packaging with unparalleled print quality, productivity, and sustainable manufacturing capabilities. In Dusseldorf, Landa showcases printed mainstream packaging solutions, manufactured in collaboration with Plastopil Group companies providing various flexible mono-material films. All are fully recyclable in the common recycling streams.

Pushing Boundaries in Sustainable Mono-Material Packaging

Printed Sample of Mono PE Gusset Folded Stand-Up Pouch, presented at Drupa 2024, W11 zone, Landa booth

The first product showcased is a folded gusset stand-up pouch constructed entirely from mono-material polyethylene. Manufactured by Karlville Swiss, this 100-micron zipper pouch utilizes Polysack’s recyclable Pack N Cycle LC 25 MDO PE film as the base material. Landa’s W11 Nanographic printing press was employed to perform reverse printing on this PE film, which was subsequently laminated with a PE film from MOR Industries to create a mono-PE structure.

This packaging solution offers excellent moisture barrier properties with a low water vapor transmission rate (WVTR). Importantly, this pouch can be recycled through conventional PE recycling streams by eliminating multi-material laminates, promoting a circular economy approach. Its applications include packaging nuts, berries, sweets, and similar products.

The second product is a mono-material PP packaging solution for chilled food such as sliced meat, cheese, and similar applications. The packaging bottom web is a 200-micron thermoforming mono-PP from Plastopil’s Multiform SUS portfolio. The 60-micron top lid features a 20-micron BOPP layer printed by the Landa W11 and laminated to Plastopil’s 38-micron, 9-layer high-barrier PP film. This complete mono-PP packaging solution eliminates multi-material laminates, is microwave-safe and can endure sterilization up to 95°C.

Sustainable, Solvent-Free Production

All lamination processes performed by Plastopil were 100% solvent-free, underscoring Plastopil and Landa’s commitment to environmentally conscious manufacturing. The films were processed on standard packaging machines and performed well. The sustainability benefits are considerable – truly circular packaging using less plastic without sacrificing performance.

Drupa 2024 provides a comprehensive look at the future of sustainable flexible packaging. In addition to the printed pouches, Landa’s booth showcases printed slit and jumbo rolls produced via this partnership.

This collaboration highlights Plastopil Group’s focus on innovation and sustainability. Polysack is a prominent manufacturer and pioneer in ready-to-recycle, mono-oriented PE (MOPE) films, while MOR Industries specializes in incorporating recycled materials and producing mono-material film solutions.

Landa and Plastopil group collaboration present printed slit and jumbo rolls at Drupa 2024, W11 zone, Landa

About Plastopil Group:

The Plastopil Group is a leading player in the flexible packaging industry, with three subsidiaries: Plastopil, MOR Industries, and Polysack.

Plastopil is dedicated to producing co-extruded and laminated flexible packaging specifically for the chilled food industry.

Polysack focuses on manufacturing mono-oriented PE films, which replace traditional laminates and offer a 100% recyclable alternative for flexible packaging worldwide.

MOR Industries offers top-quality co-extruded films, laminations, and bags, incorporating 30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material into their products.