Packaging Solutions for


MOR’s flexible packaging offers significant advantages for chemical packaging. Its barrier properties protect chemicals from moisture, oxygen, and light, ensuring their stability. Our flexible packaging maintains non-reactivity with the chemicals it contains, preventing any leakage into the environment. The versatility of flexible packaging accommodates different product forms, while its lightweight and space-efficient nature enables cost-effective transportation and storage.

Flexible packaging also provides space for branding and displaying product information. Nowadays, advancements in eco-friendly materials contribute to more sustainable flexible packaging designs.

FFS Films

FFS films, or Form-Fill-Seal films, are specialized packaging materials used in automated packaging machines. MOR Industries offers a wide range of FFS films with additional features to enhance performance. They contain up to 30% PCR materials that contribute to sustainability and circular economy. These films can incorporate an embossed strip to prevent the slipping of heavy-duty bags, ensuring stability during transportation and storage. They can also be designed with side or bottom gussets, allowing for increased volume capacity. Made from multilayered PE, MOR’s FFS films provide excellent strength, durability, and moisture barrier protection.

Heavy Duty Bags

Heavy-duty bags are the ultimate solution for demanding industrial applications. They contain up to 30% PCR materials that contribute to sustainability and circular economy. With the capability to incorporate side or bottom gusset closures, these bags offer increased capacity and convenient access to the contents. MOR’s bags are constructed with multilayered PE, ensuring exceptional strength and durability for heavy loads up to 25 kg. Additionally, the bags can be printed with up to 8 colors, allowing for brand visibility and product differentiation.

High Barrier Bags

High barrier bags are specially designed laminated film bags, constructed with up to 4 layers that can incorporate various combinations of materials like PET, ALU, nylon, and PE. These bags provide exceptional barrier properties, effectively protecting contents from moisture, oxygen, light and other external factors. MOR’s bags are ideal for packaging chemicals, dog food, hygroscopic materials, and moisture-sensitive products. Additionally, the bags can be equipped with a valve for convenient airflow regulation.