Packaging Solutions for

Consumer Goods

PE films for Consumer goods products. Can be delivered with printing of up to 8 colors, demonstrate excellent mechanical strength, good sealing ability and is suitable for all automatic packaging machines

PE + MESH on Roll for Fresh Products

Food packaging bags consist of a combination of printable PE films with up to 8 colors, along with mesh. Provide marketing information in a clear and eye-catching manner while maintaining ventilated packaging for products such as potatoes, .avocados, oranges, and more.

Heavy Duty Bags for Fresh Products

Heavy Duty bags, with improved mechanical strength and the ability to carry high weights, up to 25 kg. Suitable also for food products that need puncture resistance, such .as carrots.

Printed Films for Fresh Products

Printed films with up to 8 colors, suitable for all automatic packaging machines common on the market. The films present high mechanical strength and are available with secondary processing features such as a perforation that improves the shelf life of the freshly packaged produce or a handle for user comfort.

Consumer Goods Packaging

PE printed films with up to 8 colors for diverse consumer goods