Packaging Solutions for

Food & Beverage

The global food packaging market size, valued at 362.9 billion USD in 2022, is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% from 2023 to 2030. The rising demand for packaged food, driven by changing consumer habits and convenience, significantly contributes to the industry’s growth. High-performance materials and various material compositions are expected to support market expansion. However, concerns regarding wastage due to improper packing may pose challenges. The industry is highly regulated, with a shift toward sustainable packaging materials.

Shrink Films

MOR Industries offers versatile shrink films made of PE (polyethylene) that can be fully recycled. With excellent transparency, these films’ thickness ranges from 30 to 90 microns, providing secure and visually appealing packaging for food and beverages. Manufactured from high-quality materials, they offer durability and reliable protection. The films can be printed with up to 8 colors, showcasing attractive designs and branding. Whether for individual items or multipacks, our shrink films create tight, tamper-resistant packaging when heat is applied.

Printed Films

PE printed films with up to 8 colors for diverse products and fresh agricultural products. Can be perforated to extend the shelf life of the packaged product.

Pet Food Bags

Special packaging solutions suitable for pet food. Preserves freshness and prevents moisture penetration. Can be laminated and printed with up to 8 colors and are suitable for carrying heavy weights up to 25 kg. Available both as individual bags and as rolls for automatic packaging machines.