Advanced Extrusion Technology

MOR Industries is at the forefront of extrusion technology, specializing in both cast and blown processes. With the ability to produce mono and multi-layer films, up to 2.5 meter width, we offer versatile solutions to meet diverse packaging needs.

With co-extrusion up to three layers, we can create multi-layered films that offer improved strength, and excellent sealing capabilities. 

Lamination Capabilities

MOR Industries have the ability to laminate diverse materials to its PE films, including PET, ALU, and PA layers. This lamination technique offers exceptional bond strength and durability, ensuring reliable packaging solutions. Our lamination is solventless (SL), providing numerous benefits, including enhanced product safety, sustainability, reduced environmental impact, and a safer working environment.

Up to 8-color high-quality flexo printing

Our 8-color flexo printing technology enables us to create vibrant and captivating designs on a variety of packaging materials. Flexo printing ensures precise color reproduction, sharp images, and excellent ink coverage. 

Bags-making machines

With our advanced bag-making machines, we offer a diverse range of packaging solutions to meet various needs. Our capabilities include producing heavy-duty bags, 3-side seal bags, bottom gusset bags, side gusset bags, security bags, and high-barrier laminated gusseted bags with a valve. Our machines are designed to deliver precise and efficient results, ensuring consistent quality and reliable performance in every production run.

additional processing

At MOR Industries, we provide an array of supplementary processing capabilities. Our slitting machines enable us to supply rolls of any desired width, ensuring optimal quality for downstream processes. Furthermore, we specialize in a variety of perforation and embossing techniques, adding unique features and functionalities to our products.