Packaging Solutions for


Release Films

MOR Industries’ R-SERIES® release films have undergone rigorous testing and gained approval from renowned tire and rubber manufacturers worldwide. Designed for various rubber calendering and extrusion applications, our release films’ non-interactive formulations ensure optimal performance. Compared to other release films, they achieve an average 30% reduction in mil thickness while maintaining consistent thickness across the entire web. This translates to cost savings, space efficiency, enhanced productivity, and a reduced environmental footprint.

Low Melt Bags

Our ELASTOBAGS® – Low Melt EVA Inclusion Bags provide a reliable solution for clean and consistent batch mixes in tire and rubber operations. These bags effectively contain all ingredients until the mixing process, minimizing waste and the risk of contamination associated with open mixing techniques. In particular, they are ideal for handling accelerators and specialized chemicals used in rubber compounding processes. MOR’s inclusion bags come in two variants with different melt temperatures: 76 degrees and 84 degrees. This ensures compatibility with a range of manufacturing requirements, allowing for precise control and performance during the mixing process.

Films & Rolls

MOR Industries produces a variety of films and rolls, including shrink films, mono-PE films manufactured in-house or for lamination with other films such as PET, ALU, and nylon. These films are suitable for packaging on various machines like FFS.


MOR Industries offers a wide range of high-quality bags, manufactured using cast and blown extrusion and lamination of up to 4 layers. The bags are designed to meet diverse packaging needs and can incorporate features like side gusset closure, embossing, and printed designs of up to 8 colors. MOR’s expertise extends to the production of heavy-duty bags, high-barrier laminated bags, security envelopes, duty-free bags, and more.


MOR Industries offers a wide range of durable sacks designed for various applications. These sacks are manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring their strength and reliability to carry weights of up to 25 kg. Our sacks can be made from laminated films, providing enhanced barrier properties and customization options, or from PE for recyclable and cost-effective packaging solutions.