Packaging Solutions for

Security & Tamper Evident Solution

MOR Industries offers cutting-edge Security & Tamper Evident solutions with their patented ENVELOCK® technology. This innovative design sets the industry standard, surpassing the rigorous requirements of international security agencies. Whether through cutting, heating, freezing, chemical dissolution, or other intrusion methods, any tampering attempt leaves highly visible markings, ensuring maximum protection. With the ability to customize size and up to 8 colors, security & tamper-evident solutions can be tailored to specific needs.

Security Tamper-Evident Bags – Duty Free Bags

MOR’s bags are designed to prevent unauthorized access, tampering, or visibility of the contents. Their combination of features includes high-clarity transparent film, red high-security tamper-evident tape with hidden graphics, and 15mm wide bright red side and bottom seals. The bags form an exceptional barrier against any attempts to manipulate or tamper with the contents. They also feature a special ICAO symbol for quick identification at security screening points, additional security printing at the borders, and a barcode at the top for easy scanning at the checkout register and efficient stock control. In addition, a 3-letter country and manufacturer’s code provide clear identification of the bag’s origin, while ensuring compliance with ICAO specifications.

Security Envelopes

MOR Industries offers Envelock®, exclusive security envelopes, providing a secure solution for transporting money, classified materials, and valuable items. These tamper-proof envelopes are made from high-quality co-extruded polyethylene films, with options for transparent or multi-layer films in white exterior and black interior for maximum confidentiality. Envelock® leaves clear and indelible marks if an unauthorized opening is attempted. The envelopes can be customized in various sizes, and finishes, and are printable in up to 8 colors. Certified by renowned international laboratories, Envelock® ensures safe and tamper-resistant delivery, meeting the requirements of security forces, courier services, government institutions, banks, and more. With its recyclable nature and features like impact resistance and waterproofing, Envelock® guarantees secure and reliable handling of sensitive contents.

Coins Bags

Our coin bags, also known as money bags or cash bags, are specialized bags designed for the secure storage and transport of up to 18 kg of coins. They are typically made of heavy-duty PE – a durable material to ensure the safety and integrity of the coins during handling and transit. Coin bags often feature a secure closure mechanism, such as a zipper or a tamper-evident seal, to prevent unauthorized access and tampering. They are commonly used by banks, retail businesses, and other organizations that handle large volumes of coins.