Packaging Solutions for

Tire & Rubber

The tire and rubber industry is undergoing significant changes due to the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) as well as hydrogen cars. As these alternative fuel vehicles gain popularity, tire and rubber formulations are being adapted to meet their specific requirements, such as tires with low rolling resistance to maximize range. In addition, the industry is currently exploring new materials and technologies to improve sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

MOR Industries’ R-SERIES® release films have undergone rigorous testing and gained approval from renowned tire and rubber manufacturers worldwide. Designed for various rubber calendering and extrusion applications, our release films’ non-interactive formulations ensure optimal performance. Compared to other release films, they achieve an average 30% reduction in thickness while maintaining consistent thickness across the entire web. This translates to cost savings, space efficiency, enhanced productivity, and a reduced environmental footprint.

Smooth Films

MOR Industries’ “R Series®” offers smooth-release films for the rubber and tire industry, providing quality improvements and cost savings. These films do not interact with other materials found in rubber compounds, preserving the freshness and stickiness, and have superior release properties. With improved mechanical features, MOR’s smooth films enable efficient volume and storage utilization and are fully recyclable, thus reducing environmental impacts. Compared to regular embossed films or PP liners, MOR’s smooth-release films offer more footage per roll and minimize roll changes. They are available in various dimensions, colors, and formulations, and ensure contamination-free performance.

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Embossed Films

MOR’s embossed film line showcases advanced production capabilities, ensuring an even thickness across the web — crucial for applications where down-gauging is preferred. Within this line, we offer two distinct patterns: R5 Cut Diamond and R6 Full Diamond, specifically designed for narrow web, high-tack applications. Additionally, our R7 Linen Embossed release film stands out, providing the advantages of productivity similar to smooth films while incorporating a subtle profile for maximum release.

Our embossed release films find their applications in various industries, including belts, hoses, tires, rollers, roofing, and custom calendar applications. By utilizing them you can maintain a clean and fresh rubber compound surface, preventing contamination and ensuring excellent product quality. Our films are 100% recyclable, offering significant savings in storage space and eliminating the need for additional machinery, rewinding, or repairs associated with cloth liners. This results in cost savings, both in terms of reducing the quantity of tacky resin required and minimizing the initial capital investment needed for cloth liners. As with all our release films, our embossed line can be tailor-made to meet your specific requirements regarding width, length, thickness, and color.

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Low Melt Bags

Our ELASTOBAGS® – Low Melt EVA Inclusion Bags provide a reliable solution for clean and consistent batch mixes in tire and rubber operations. These bags effectively contain all ingredients until the mixing process, minimizing waste and the risk of contamination associated with open mixing techniques. In particular, they are ideal for handling accelerators and specialized chemicals used in rubber compounding processes. MOR’s inclusion bags come in two variants with different melt temperatures: 76 degrees and 84 degrees. This ensures compatibility with a range of manufacturing requirements, allowing for precise control and performance during the mixing process.

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